How Office Lighting Affects Productivity

Aside from the employees and the tools that you use for work, another factor that affects an employee’s performance is the lighting in the office. Of course, it is already well-known that reading in low light conditions can harm your eyes. However, working under the dark has more negative effects than that. This short post will discuss how lighting can affect one’s productivity in the office.

1. Windows Provide Satisfaction

If there is a few amount of natural light entering your workspace, consider getting an office refurbishment Birmingham provided by builders in Birmingham and add or modify window placement. Employees feel more satisfied with their work if they receive adequate amounts of natural sunlight while working. After all, the sun does provide you with Vitamin D.

2. Reduces Eye Strain

Dim lights are the culprits of eye strains and headaches. That’s because your eyeballs tend to exert more effort when the work area is poorly lit. Moreover, it can also lead to drowsiness. To keep employees focused, make sure to avoid installing fluorescent lights or other fixtures with low wattage.

3. Softer Shades Create a Relaxed Environment

Shades of bright red or bright yellow can make your outfit stand out. However, a light with extremely vivid hues can heighten an employee’s anxiousness. Make sure that you only use softer shades to make them feel relaxed.

4. Warm Light Builds Teamwork

Although blue is one of the most popular colors, it can project a feeling of indifference. Lights with warmer tones create a more comfortable and friendly ambience. However, it doesn’t mean that cool hues can’t be used for accentuating your office. Touches of ice blue fixtures on a tan backdrop, for instance, will surely stimulate employees to work.